Saturday, 21 March 2009



Broken with no grace to retrace
my shattering existence
I am condemned to disgrace
for my humiliating indulgence
fit to die in pestilence
for the future may possess
no better experience.

Illuminate my heart, my love
for that day you were gone
was my obituary date set
the day you turned your back
to never see my tears of regret
day and night my tears flow
knowing the light of my heart
is turned down low
you were that one there
to calm my fears
but now that you become my tears
on whose arms do I flow down
these fountain of un-peaceful water;
for my body quakes
and my spirit is laid
my soul melts like snow flakes
my heart is enslaved
I am disjointed into parts
for my heart tendon is detached
yet I will lay hopeful
in this desert of mourning
to gaze at the skies of death
until my love will perhaps come
to carry me home in spirit or body.

Tolerate my love
this time more
for where on earth
can I possibly find
love sweet as yours
my sweetheart.

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