Thursday, 11 March 2010

Will You Love Me Still?

BY: Charles Popoola

When whispers of love are hanged on gallows
Of life’s fading mellow tunes and in the shadows
The skies are clouded buckled girdle
Will you love me still?

When the river currents loose their might
To sail and mount love's hills and heights
And the night falls with dews and gales
Of time's endless frailly face
Will you love me still?

When the strength of man is fade away
And his beauty-grace greys with days
When his steps are helped with canes
And his face is sieved in age
Will you love me still?

When my flesh is tattooed with shivers
And weak to craft grows these fingers
When my numbered breathe are bleaker
And the time is quarter to bye
Will you love me still?

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Beyond Heaven's Gate

BY: Charles Popoola

My heart my only
What unto duly thee compare
The lilies of valley
The syrupiness of pear

Shield thou my valour in thy bosom
For Sweet is your savour
Savour that I could for pay a ransom
With endless perfumes of my sweat and fervour

Let race my longing heartbeats
Beats that spell out clear thy name
In swift rhythms of second splits
Thou hide in grips my shame

Sail thou this ship
On love's seas deep
For my love I shall tenderly anchor
On thy shore my only harbour

Whisper my name to the hearing of barbets
Two alone in lovers winter's nest
To the knowledge of deafening fulfillments
Emerging rapturous crest

Share with me thy soul
I to thee commit my heart
For your will shall linger my goal
My being and only sweetheart

I love thee than words men have made
Than poems ever may state
Above hitch of race and grade
And when death us do separate
I shall love thee beyond heaven's gate

Thursday, 20 August 2009


BY: Charles Popoola

Someday my dearest
inside of you Ill make a future
that which science call foetus
the likeness of our feature
the product of our love passion
the revelation of our next generation

As you lay on my bosom
I’ll kiss your pumped womb
our baby son comfort room
and to our innocent us in you
ill utter this words so few:

My sweet baby son
like daddy you’ll be strong
you will brighten the sun
a great thinker not to go wrong.

My little baby boy
Filled with love, peace and joy
like mummy now lay in my arm
so in her do lay calm
for soon, you’ll be that cheeky chubby teddy
that makes daddy-charly merry.

sweet baby boy junior
to you comes my instruction
even before your conception
the world; a mysterious destination
is filled with much isolation
than your present habitation
but with God your companion
over you shall no man champion.

And as my little cherry grows
he blossoms like the petal of a rose
then him will all life creature
humbly come give their treasure.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

WHEN THE GREAT IS GONE : Dedicated to the unprecedented departure of our cherished treasure and star :Micheal Jackson

Heaven quiver
The earth shiver
Squealing are Her livers

Rest in grace
Great of our race
Life shan’t alt
But her livers hurt

Rest in peace
Peace of all ease
Hope you brought
In our seasons of wrath

Rest in peace
Peace of all bliss
A mission was born
the day you were gone

Monday, 3 August 2009


By : Charles Popoola

A glory of the firmament
sweet presence of refreshing wind
your beauty torment
like a delicacy one can't seize

Beautiful indeed you are
the peacock amongst birds
flowers wither
but in this your glory glitter

Sweet is berry
and sweeter the fresh honey
but which dare compare
with your sweet cuddly cherry

Your eyes drown an army
they are weakened in the knees
their heart pound like drum bits of war
as they stare at you in awe
where will they find strength
before the cool of your breathe

Your smile is hypnosis
your voice spill prisms
a make of the seraphim
your beauty defies boundaries

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


by Charles Popoola

groaning of a sorrow
Shredded veins
Pierced by this arrow
That causes pain.

Endless pain
Grinded heart

Please, drill out not that arrow
Lest a fainting soul
gush out her marrow

Arrow of sting
Rust a soul

An arrow of deceit
One more of contempt
love is shot
In the darkness of trust
In the garden of ITS serenity

Wildered Darkness
When only lovers walk
in her deafening silence
the unstrained hears
words of a whispering wind
and if only one had learnt
The language of the wind…

A whisper of what become
A warning of what to come
First of lamentation
the lament of Damnation
the later of gloom
at dawn to fathom

Now let a pierced soul
Bleed to its sole grave
For a wounded heart
Knows no more grace.

Saturday, 21 March 2009



Happy days its been
Overwhelming joy you bring
I spend the night thinking of you

Like a seed
Planted by a stream
Been nourished
Tend to gradually sprout
So as your love grown in my heart

My night was changed to day
My darkness to light
My tears to smile
And worries to courage
Just because I met you.

You gave me joy
Returned me sound mind
Brought back the loss
Even when life
Was to be the cost.

You changed my life
And restored my sight
You made me smile
And brightened my sky.



Broken with no grace to retrace
my shattering existence
I am condemned to disgrace
for my humiliating indulgence
fit to die in pestilence
for the future may possess
no better experience.

Illuminate my heart, my love
for that day you were gone
was my obituary date set
the day you turned your back
to never see my tears of regret
day and night my tears flow
knowing the light of my heart
is turned down low
you were that one there
to calm my fears
but now that you become my tears
on whose arms do I flow down
these fountain of un-peaceful water;
for my body quakes
and my spirit is laid
my soul melts like snow flakes
my heart is enslaved
I am disjointed into parts
for my heart tendon is detached
yet I will lay hopeful
in this desert of mourning
to gaze at the skies of death
until my love will perhaps come
to carry me home in spirit or body.

Tolerate my love
this time more
for where on earth
can I possibly find
love sweet as yours
my sweetheart.

Thursday, 19 March 2009



I don’t hate you
But I don’t think I love you

I don’t want you dead
But I guess you don’t worth living

I could celebrate your success
But never will share in your sadness

I may stand by you
But never will I stand for you

I will make you smile
But never will wipe your tears

A place in your heart I’ll find
But never will you find a place in mine.



Though pestilence aroud
as negligence allow
misunderstanding gloooms
never will I forget you...