Saturday, 7 November 2009

Beyond Heaven's Gate

BY: Charles Popoola

My heart my only
What unto duly thee compare
The lilies of valley
The syrupiness of pear

Shield thou my valour in thy bosom
For Sweet is your savour
Savour that I could for pay a ransom
With endless perfumes of my sweat and fervour

Let race my longing heartbeats
Beats that spell out clear thy name
In swift rhythms of second splits
Thou hide in grips my shame

Sail thou this ship
On love's seas deep
For my love I shall tenderly anchor
On thy shore my only harbour

Whisper my name to the hearing of barbets
Two alone in lovers winter's nest
To the knowledge of deafening fulfillments
Emerging rapturous crest

Share with me thy soul
I to thee commit my heart
For your will shall linger my goal
My being and only sweetheart

I love thee than words men have made
Than poems ever may state
Above hitch of race and grade
And when death us do separate
I shall love thee beyond heaven's gate

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