Thursday, 11 March 2010

Will You Love Me Still?

BY: Charles Popoola

When whispers of love are hanged on gallows
Of life’s fading mellow tunes and in the shadows
The skies are clouded buckled girdle
Will you love me still?

When the river currents loose their might
To sail and mount love's hills and heights
And the night falls with dews and gales
Of time's endless frailly face
Will you love me still?

When the strength of man is fade away
And his beauty-grace greys with days
When his steps are helped with canes
And his face is sieved in age
Will you love me still?

When my flesh is tattooed with shivers
And weak to craft grows these fingers
When my numbered breathe are bleaker
And the time is quarter to bye
Will you love me still?


ifychuks said...

i will always love you..
its so romantic!!!

delson said...

Nyc piece dere man, wish she really felt it like U̶̲̥̅̊ did,,,